Our vision is a society where all women live free from violence.

We are a social justice business and we are on a mission to create a movement of socially conscious people that disrupt the societal beliefs and practices that contribute to and sustain a culture where violence against women continues to flourish.

We undertake a range of violence prevention education activities to assist everyday people to understand why violence against women should matter to them personally and how they can make a difference in the world.

Meet the founder, Heidi Guldbaek

Heidi is a human rights advocate, social entrepreneur and a  community development practitioner.

Heidi is the Coordinator of the Domestic Violence Legal Workers’ Network- a collaborative support network for legal and other professionals working to protect and promote the rights of victims of domestic violence. She has also previously been the National Law Reform Coordinator of Women’s Legal Service Australia.

Originally hailing from the backwoods of Northern British Columbia, she has spent the last 10 years in sunny Perth- although she Looooves rainy days!

Heidi is humbled to work with victims and victim advocates to ensure that the voices of women escaping violence are heard in policy, program and legislation development to overcome structural oppression and injustice.  Her  knowledge, passion and experience in this area, secured her as a key-note speaker at the National Association of Community Legal Centres Conference in 2015 alongside the calibre of Rosie Betty and other social activists in the field.

Heidi has drawn from her experience of working in the anti-violence against women sector as an educator, advocate and activist for the past 10 years to establish Towards Freedom, a social enterprise connecting and inspiring a movement of people that consciously disrupt the thinking, actions and systems that contribute to and sustain violence against women.

Recognising the potential impact of Heidi’s work with Towards Freedom on women’s lives, Heidi was given a scholarship by School of Social Entrepreneurs Australia to do their incubator program in 2015. 

Heidi is also currently working collaboratively in the international arena on the Mandatory Training and Prevention Education Sub-Committee of the Everywoman Everywhere Coalition, an international coalition of practitioners and survivors working to advance a grass-roots driven international convention on the prevention violence against women.

When she’s not helping people recognise their own power and deepen their understanding of social justice, she loves a good latte, getting excited by stationary and hanging out with her best bud and Kelpie sidekick, Mitsey.

Heidi is an unwavering optimist and intense social justice nerd with a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and a Master of Human Rights.