Acknowledgement of Country

To all First Nations people
Across this island nation
We acknowledge your countries
We acknowledge the invasion

Of your lands and your freedom
Of your hearts and your homes
Of the stealing of your children
Your flesh and your bone

Such extreme violence
We can never understand
The impact on a people
So connected to their land

Connection to country
To ancestors, to dreaming
To community and culture
To dancing and singing

Your culture has survived
For thousands upon thousands of years
You have never been defeated
You have always persevered

Despite insurmountable trauma
Passed down through each generation
A constant reminder
Of the pain of invasion

Yet here you are today
The oldest culture alive
A testament to your resilience,
Your resistance and pride

From Gutharraguda to Arrende
To the islands of Tiwi
From Banggarla to Wunumura
From Ngatajara to Toogee

To all First Nations peoples
Across all of your lands
We acknowledge your country
Sky, sea, and sand

We acknowledge the harm
And the healing to be done
A journey for all Australians-
Every single one

We call for reparations
For acknowledgement of oppression
For treaties, for respect
For a Makarrata Commission

We stand by the Uluru
Statement of the Heart
Which recognises that sovereignty
Was never ceded from the start

We acknowledge the elders
of all generations
prioritising culture and country
in the name of their nation

From Whadjuk to Warluwarra
From Yambina to Madi Madi
From Pitjanjatjara to Wadjigu
From Iningai to Dadi Dadi

To all First Nations people
In the spirit of reconciliation and respect
We acknowledge your sovereignty
May you forgive, but never forget.