12 epic Ted Talks for understanding violence against women, rape culture, and misogyny

If you’re wanting to deepen your understanding about violence against women, rape culture, and misogyny, then watching even just one of the TED Talks below is going to help you out. These gender equality TED Talks are all epic- the speakers are knowledgable and passionate, and the messages are inspiring. Time to get your social justice nerd on 

The victim-survivor experience

I was abused as a child bride and this is what I learned, Samra Zafar

This fascinating and passionate TED Talk by Samra Zafar, founder of Brave Beginnings, provides great insight into the victim experience of intimate partner violence, including the internal cognitions of survivors.


Why domestic violence victims don’t leave, Leslie Steiner

Another chilling, first-hand account of the lived experience of intimate partner violence and the trap of coercive control by Leslie Morgan Steiner.


How online abuse of women has spiralled out of control, Ashley Judd

In this moving TED Talk, Ashley Judd shares her experience of online misogyny and cyber abuse and provides a practical example of how online is IRL, as well as practical strategies for interrupting violence against women.


Community complicity/ Patriarchy/ Rape culture

The myths about violence against women in the media, Jane Gilmore

This fantastic TED Talk by Jane Gilmore is an invitation to develop your media literacy skills and better understand the role that the media plays in protecting perpetrators and perpetuating gender inequality.


Your vagina is not a car, Clementine Ford

Newsflash- your vagina is not a car and other rape culture analogies by Clem Ford. This fantastic TED Talk is funny and has some poignant points about rape culture.


It matters WHY you think rape is wrong, Shreena Thakore

In this fantastic TED Talk, Shreena Thakore sets out how you don’t have to be a perpetrator to sustain and uphold violence against women.


Violence against women- it’s a men’s issue, Jackson Katz

In this thought-provoking TED Talk, Jackson Katz unpacks the way we normalise violence against women by the language we choose to use to describe it and also explains the bystander intervention framework.


The collective socialisation of men/ Toxic masculinity

A call to men, Tony Porter

This TED Talk by Tony Porter is great for gaining a better insight into the gendered roles we ascribe to men and women and the hierarchy attached to them.


“Locker room talk.” Says who?, Alexis Jones

This awesome TED Talk unveils some of the work Alexis Jones is doing through ProtectHer, sexual assault education program for young men, including providing students with the opportunity to engage in critical thinking about the “scripts” they have been socialised to accept without question.


Boys will be boys, Danny Blay

This is a great TED Talk by Danny Blay, that provides first-hand insight into toxic masculinity as a collective mindset with examples from perpetrators in men’s behaviour change programs. It also unpacks some typical myths and excuses that perpetuate toxic masculinity.


Healthy masculinity

How movies teach manhood, Colin Stokes

This Ted Talk by Colin Stokes, offers some great commentary on gender roles and violence in pop-culture movies and promotes media literacy of parents and their children. Great if you have kids, or you just want to learn more about what you’re being socialised to consume.


Why gender equality is good for everyone- including men, Michael Kimmel

This excellent Ted Talk by Michael Kimmel, provides first-hand insight into concepts of male privilege and entitlement and also explains the benefits of gender equality to men.


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