Top websites for learning about FDV in Australia

So you want to learn more about family and domestic violence?

Here’s a round-up of the top national websites for learning about family and domestic violence, including info on why they’re useful.



What it is: 1-800-Respect is the National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service providing information and counselling both online and via telephone.

Why it’s great: You can look for information in three ways: as someone needing help; as a concerned friend or family member; or as a worker/professional. From factsheets, to FAQs- they’ve got you covered.



What it is: Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) is an independent NGO promoting and undertaking research to drive policy and practice responses to violence against women.

Why it’s great: They produce a wide variety of publications for various audiences; super in-depth technical papers, state of knowledge papers which scope out the knowledge on a particular issue; research to practice and policy papers, which summarise key findings; “fast facts;” and more.



What it is: Our Watch is a national organisation promoting the primary prevention of violence against women.

Why it’s great: They have a heap of “projects and partnerships” that you can support or use as resources to inform or support your violence prevention work, as well as resources for understanding facts, figures, myths, and ideas about how you can make a difference.

White Ribbon


What it is: White Ribbon Australia is a male-led campaign to end violence against women. They undertake prevention activities such as school programs, workplace accreditation, ambassador programs and various events.

Why it’s great: The best resources on this website are the research papers that are undertaken by some of my favourite #VAW researchers, but similar to Our Watch, there are resources to learn more and also ideas for taking action as well.



What it is: The Australian Women Against Violence Alliance is one of the 5 national women’s alliances that are funded by the Government to facilitate networking and information sharing of women’s organisations, in addition to providing policy advice and recommendations regarding (in this case) violence against women.

Why it’s great: The best part of this website is the “weekly updates” that set out sector/news updates on a weekly basis in relation to violence against women.

The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children


What it is: The National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children is a national 12 year blueprint for reducing violence against women in Australia.

Why it’s great: On the website you can access a copy of the National Plan, as well as each of the 3-year Action Plans (which address implementation of said plan). These are great materials if you want to be across the policy landscape relating to violence against women. Additionally, the website houses research reports that were undertaken leading up to the formulation of the plan (if you want to get a sense of the historical identified barriers and problems to addressing violence against women), as well as some current research papers and consultations concerning violence against women. You can also find out which of the resources on this blog-post are national plan initiatives.



What it is: is a website of the Women’s Services Network (WESNET) promoting tech safety (in relation to violence against women) including information regarding the Australian Annual Tech-Safety Summit.

Why it’s great: This website includes a range of resources and handouts regarding technology facilitated abuse and safety strategies in response to the violence.

National domestic and family violence bench book


What it is: The Domestic and Family Violence Bench book is the result of recommendations that came from an epic inquiry into legal responses to family violence undertaken in 2010 by the Australian Law Reform Commission in partnership with the NSW Law Reform Commission.

Why it’s great: The purpose of this bench book is to assist judicial officers to better understand domestic violence so that their judgements can be better informed; best-practice can be promoted; consistency in decision-making can be improved; and victim traumatisation can be reduced.



What it is: Website by DVRC including research, legal guides and links to services on technology facilitated abuse.

Why it’s great: The legal guides created by WLSNSW regarding technology facilitated abuse and the law, are fantastic.

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