Why doesn't she just leave?

Learn the basics of domestic violence

So, you want to learn about domestic violence?

  • If you can’t accept the statistics of one woman a week being murdered by a current or former partner;
  • If you know in your guts that violence against women is totally and utterly preventable;
  • If you know you have the potential to make a difference; and
  • You’re thirsty to start learning,

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

What you'll learn:

  • Define and differentiate

    Get clarity on the difference between domestic violence, family violence, intimate partner violence and violence against women, so you can stop banging your head against the wall and see how they all fit together.

  • Gender and violence

    Explore how violence is used and experienced differently by men and women so that you can better understand why men’s violence against women is a social problem, while women’s violence against men is not.

  • Abuse: Types and tactics

    Understand what abuse looks like so you can identify perpetrator patterns and strategies.

  • The depth of coercive control

    Deepen your understanding of the dynamics of coercive control to better understand why victims don’t leave.

  • His violence, your assumptions

    Unpack your own biases so that you aren’t inadvertently making dangerous assumptions.

  • Community complicity

    Learn to identify victim-blaming and violence-supportive attitudes so that you can consciously choose how to respond to community complicity.

  • Recognising resistance

    Understand victim resistance strategies so that you can minimise your assumptions and maximise your empathy for survivors and accountability for perpetrators.

  • Applied analysis

    Apply your new-found skills to analyse domestic violence cases.


  • Instant access

    Get started right away! You know you want to.

  • Learn at your own pace

    Take as much or as little time as you need for each module.

  • Work around your own schedule

    Access the content whenever you want, wherever you want, from whichever device you want.

  • Easy to follow

    Content is broken down into 8 lessons so you never feel overwhelmed with information overload.

Domestic violence concerns you. You WANT to make a difference, but you still haven’t quite wrapped your head around why victims don’t leave (or why they keep returning) when they are being abused.


  • being able to identify perpetrator tactics a mile away;
  • viscerally knowing why victims don’t leave; and
  • effortlessly being able to identify the ways we unintentionally collude with perpetrators everyday.

Imagine what a badass domestic violence disrupter you could be!

This course is for you, if:

  • You crave clarity on all the “moving parts” of domestic violence
  • You want to be able to identify victim-blaming, so you can kick it in the butt!
  • You want to learn from a social justice perspective

This course isn't for you, if:

  • You already know the basics of domestic violence and you’re looking for more advanced strategies like how to respond to and disrupt said violence (we don’t really cover that here, but watch this space- we’re working on that too)
  • You’re not willing to reflect on your own attitudes and views

Meet your instructor

Hey you!

I’m Heidi. I’ve been in your shoes. I remember being really keen and excited to learn more about domestic violence and make a difference, but I just didn’t know where to start. There definitely weren’t any courses available that addressed domestic violence from a social justice perspective, so that I could grasp the breadth and depth of the issue to better inform my practice.

Fast forward 10 years, 2 degrees, and having the immense privilege to work with victims and victim advocates to create social change on local, State, National and International levels; and I am officially a domestic violence disrupter.

Let me help you learn the stuff it took me years to fully figure out so that you can get a jump-start at creating social change.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get started? +

Once your purchase goes through, you will be redirected to a signup page where you can set your username and password in order to access our eCourse portal. Once you sign up you will be logged in and can start right away.

How is it delivered? +

This course is delivered through our eCourse portal via 8 videos and accompanying worksheets and resources.

How long will it take me to complete? +

How long it takes to do this course will be different for everyone. You could binge watch and power through activities in about 2 hours if you fancy, or you could do one lesson a week, or one lesson a day. Depends on your urgency and your schedule.

Is this course accredited? +

We have not had this course accredited by any professional bodies or educational institutions in order to keep the cost accessible. If you wish to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) points from your professional body, most will allow you to make an application to receive points for particular educational activities such as online courses. If you are a TAFE student, you may be able to get recognition of prior learning for a particular unit, if you can demonstrate you have acquired particular knowledge, skills or experience in relation to that unit.